Monday, January 18, 2010

My challenge layout.

With a visit from sweet Coco, some fun times were had.

Saturday night the four of us ventured to the chinese restaurant for a wonderful meal [& of course Coco had to see Davey !!!]
Susy called down later in the evening to share dessert with us, along with some hugs & laughter.
We tootled back to my place afterwards & enjoyed some wine & lots of giggles and chatting!!!
So I thought, what better pic to use for this month's challenge than one from such a fun time together over a lovely meal !! So here's my page.

I love this cute little sparkly heart.
I found these 'pebbles' and just love 'em.

So I hope that you like my creation.
Cheers Sandie xxx

Monday, January 11, 2010

Catching up

on the inpriation challenge, only two to go now to be right up to scratch :-) A bit of a wonky photo sorry, transparency is hard to photograph. Used the same photo sorry Sandie, but hey, if you're on agood thing stick to it.



Saturday, January 9, 2010

January's challenge is .....

Hi folks!
Sharon is having trouble sining in to this blog so has asked me to post this month's challenge for her so you get all get started.

Sharon says:


This can be good times spend around food.

As we have just had the festive season which revolves around food,

and food plays a big role in our social structure,


is my theme.

It can be food, your favourite food or a good time eg - meal with friends & family that was well spent. Something along those lines.

So there you have it guys - ready, set ...... GO !!!

Cheers Sandie xxx