Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sharon's Winter Wonderland Layout...

I am VERY sorry this is so late but hey took a while to get creative again after our holiday, then I was having technical difficulties, then some tragedy, then more technical difficulties - hence e-mail it to Donna and she got the pleasure of doing it for me!
Anyway my page... I really had to Ponder 'Winter Wonderland' ... Many ideas but nothing I liked... So I resorted to the photo albums and came across this one of Emma in her 'Snow Suit' not that we ever went to the snow but I used to walk everywhere when she was little and she had to be toasty warm... Loved her little face peeking out of her suit so I decided that was the photo! Not my most technically challenging page but I liked the effect...
Very Pink Bazzill (have no idea on what colour) and White quite striking I think! I made a stencil with a snowflake punch... Then using white acrylic paint stencilled on snow-flakes which went blurry so I then punched out snowflakes and painstakingly glued on every little piece to accentuate a few of the flakes! Then I painted a chipboard 'W' white and then went mental with the end of a paintbrush and white paint and did dot letters for the 'inter' bit of 'winter' and did some 'flurries' around the snowflakes... Pleated up white ribbon across the page to represent snow drifts... Using my white gel pen I journelled around the edge of the page then added some Pink bling to finish it off! The white paint as it dried turned a soft pink but I like it! A little basic but at least I finally got it finished! I like the over all effect!


  1. this is gorgeous Sharon, until I read your speal and clicked on it to get a closer look I thought the snow flakes were a great big rubon.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    This is so cute , where can I get one of those suits for me. I think problem solvered. It would be so toasty. I love the Pink, I just don't get brave enough to use Pink. The snow flakes are lovely , as you know I love snow flakes. Well done for getting the page done since you were away for so long. Lots of cuddles xxx Coco