Monday, September 7, 2009

Jane's September challenge via Sue.

I recieved this email from Jane to put up here, she is having computer troubles.

Bloomin Spring Challenge

Having travelled to Nelson earlier this year with Sandie and Maria for a day of Scrapping we were asked to complete a blind challenge. It was amazing to see how everyone interpreted the instructions and to see the different combinations of paper the participants came up with. So this month your very slack friend and scrapper thought we could help celebrate spring with a Bloomin Spring Challenge(flowers). Below is a list of requirements and instructions for you to use. And yes you can add more finishing touches if you desire. Good Luck.


4” X 6” portrait photo in a spring theme

Cardstock for base

Pattern Paper (PP) #1 cut to 10” X 6”

PP #2 10” X 1”

PP #3 6 1/2” X 4 1/2” to be used as a frame for photo

PP #4 10 3/4 “ X 1 ½”

Large Journaling Block

1 spring embellishment or bling


Corner Rounder


Step 1 Use corner rounder to round corners on you base cardstock, then ink around edges.

Step 2. Round top right hand corner of PP#1 (10 X 6) piece. Ink top and right hand sides of PP#1.

Step 3. Scallop one edge of PP#2 with corner rounder or a decorative border punch.

Step 4 . PP# 1Stick vertical, right hand edge only on to base card ¾” down from top and ½” from the right hand edge.

Step 5. Stick PP#2 under left side of PP#1 so ½” of scallops are facing left edge of base card.

Step6. Round corners of photo and stick on to PP#3 leaving a border around photo. Ink edges of border.

Step 7. Tie a bow in your ribbon and place so that bow sits just under photo and just to the right of the middle. Stick framed photo onto PP#1 1 ½ “ from top and ½ “from right hand side.

Step 8. Scallop or decorate with border punch along top of PP#4 and round other 2 corners which will be the bottom once paper is stuck down.

Step 9. Stick PP#4 horizontally across bottom of page ½ “ from bottom of base and overlapping PP#1 and so it is even on right hand side with PP#1.

Step 10. Journal on to your journaling block and mount with magic mount. Stick on bottom left hand side of photo so it overlaps photo, PP#1 and PP#4 and touch base card.

Step 11. stick embellishment, bling next to journaling block on right hand side.

Step 12. Place title above journaling block.

Step 13. Your done unless you want to add more finishing touches (which I know you girls will).

I hope this comes up ok, I have copied and pasted it directly from Jane's email.
cheers and have fun,

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  1. now this is a challenge for me. I am a scardy cat!!