Monday, February 1, 2010


Thanks for the little nudge Sandie. To be truthful I had completely forgotten that it was my turn to choose the topic. My original plan for this month was to buy some matching papers and give every one a couple of pieces of them and see what they came up with but with the lack of a scrappin' store here(that sells something other than kaiser) and me not going anywhere major I never got around to buying them, maybe that will be for my next one. So instead this months challenge, seeing as it is February after all is Love. Amour (French) Gra`(Irish) Elska(Icelandish) Pagmamahal (Filipino) Leibe (German) Amore (Italian) yes I could go on and on. This can be lovey dovey love, love for a friend, love for a pet, love of chocolate (Mmmmm chocolate), love for a house hold appliance that makes your life easier, any form of love you wish. So go forth and scrapbook my friends and happy Valentines day for the 14th.


  1. Cool challenge Sue. Wasn't trying to be pushy ..... really .... honest !!!!
    look forward to what everyone comes up with.
    Cheers. xxx

  2. Sad how this blog seems to have gone by the way side for all of us. Maybe one day sonn it will be kicked back into gear .... ????