Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Checking in 2

HI there my lovely friends and scrappers,

Firstly let me say thankyou to all who have made comment about my little burst of creative writing. I appreciate your kindness. I do however remember when we all discussed the lack of pressure this experience is supposed to be about lol. I was inspired whilst in Bendigo for a day out and where you guys seem to be inspired to create a page I guess for me I get the urge to write. Mostly I ignore the notion but as this was something I loved to do when I was young every now and then I have to put my inspiration into words.

I know a lot of us have not started our pages but believe it or not ...this humble cardmaker is on a very industrious hunt for the photo I want to use on my page. I have spent this evening trawling through several hundred I have on disk but to no avail. I will keep on trying. It is not like it is the most marvelous piece of photography...Sue, Donna and Sandie...as I am fairly dreadful behind the camera but...the theme and inspiration is why my hunt is so important.
I have ideas for the page based on finding the photo. As always in life though there is an upside. I have just cleared photos onto disk from my camera from TWO years ago. OMG!!
I have also organised some of my pictures of the art and cards I have done onto a disk. Yes I have...
So onwards and upwards pray that I find my photo so I can stick to task and release me from this pressure lol and let me get started. It is scary that I am so enthusiastic about a page not a card OMG . SEE it's working .
I hope this is what you all mean by hosting the blog . Lots of my chitter , drivel.. chatter. If not e-mail me please.
Please send hugs and kisses to Swannie with Miss Sandie. Hope Sharon is having a ball camping.Where do you plug your hairdryer in anyway Sharon when you are in the bush and can you wear your lippie????? 5 star or nothing for me . Have a great day all my darling friends and know I miss you all . This is a candy filled way of keeping in touch xx Kiss someone lovely and keep smiling xx Coco


  1. I am sooooooooooo proud of you!!!!! Two blogs AND stored all your pics!!!!! WOW you are amazing!!!

  2. Oh please, keep going, you do realise though that now you have raised the bar so high that you are making it difficilt for us to reach such high standards :-), well me anyway. So glad I'm at the bottom of the hosting list,lol.