Thursday, July 30, 2009

handing over the baton....

Hello my sweet gentlewomen,

Just a final note from of our first challenge.I am so very excited that we have produced work of such a beautiful standard. I realise there are a couple to still come. I am unfortunately not able to blog tomorrow night as we have arrangements so I thought I would touch base tonight. I get to attend the Black Duck Award Ceremony. As you know the emblem for Swannie is the Black Swan, proudly worn on the uniform of Dave(my Darling Man) . The staff have knicknamed the Swan the Black Duck and so service awards and recognition is in the form of his ceremony. I am attending and having a reason to go out for tea.

With regards to Scraperlicious Scrappers , it is a privelage to be amongst such talented people. We all have our own style and abilities we are fortunate to all be able to learn from one another. I would also like to add I won't be the only interstate diva as Kathryn will soon join those ranks. I sincerely hope that move is as seamless as possible and that all the health issues in your family are resolved soon.

I think we have an excuse...not that we needed one but an annual reunion might be a grand idea with our albums, with all twelve challenges for the year to be displayed. Some food, a wee dram and some fantastic company to showcase our achievements might be great. Melbourne might be suggestion some great pubs and cheap hotels etc. Think about it.

I hope you all liked my writing piece , I don't often get so inspired but really enjoy it , maybe I can have my critics and drop the odd story in for practice.

I am as you all know not a scrapbooker. Neither do I claim that it is a talent of mine but the inspiration and the challenge was great fun. It enabled me to go out of my comfort zone and have some fun. I actually was also able to go to a scrap night here in Swannie, buy a couple of products and I had the company of a lovely lady called Bev for the evening. I scrapped, talked laughed and did a sticky beak of other scrappers pages. All in all a very positive experience.

I with anticipation hand over the baton to our Delicious Donna, card maker genius and a very busy diva with all her challenges.Donna your cards have blown me away. You are making friends and doing something you love.I admire that so ...much. Here is a gargantuous cococuddle and be gentle with us...Love and kisses Coco xx

Kiss someone delicious and love to love someone xxx

Thanks for having me !!

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