Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tilly continues ....

Sorry about missing a post yesterday but I don't think anyone missed me !!! hee hee
I was going to do it then was interupted, then I didn't have time as I was going out.

So the story continues now ....

In the middle of the crowd was a baby bunny waving his paws excitedly.

"My house has one hundred rooms." he squeaked.

"In fact it's a palace!! "

"Wow!" gasped the animals.

"Can we come and visit you?"

The little bunny blushed. "Of course." he stammered.

"Any time you like."

"Do you really live in a palace?" asked Tilly, when the others had gone.

The baby bunny blushed again, this time to the tips of his ears.

What is going to happen????? Will he be 'found out' ?????

Find out tomorrow. cheers Sandie xxx

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